Apricot Poodle – Why You Might Want To Buy One

One of the most beautiful forms of poodles is the apricot poodle. It has a very unique sunny coat. It is very unique, a deviation from the typical darker or lighter colors that poodles typically have. They are very distinctive not only because of their color, but also the darker feathering that is at the tip of their ears. They will have black points which are in reference to certain areas of their body such as their toenails, lips, and nose. The gene that allows this particular color is considered recessive to every other type of poodle color with the exception of white. Here is an overview of why you should consider getting an apricot poodle over all of the other colors available.

The Benefits Of Owning An Apricot Poodle

There are two ways of looking out the purchase of one of these poodles. First of all, they can be very loving pets. You can get them without papers, and based upon their size and the general disposition of the breed, they should be fine with family members and other pets. If you are buying this as a show animal, then you will need to make sure that it is coming from a very strong bloodline. They should have parents that have either participated in events, or won events, if you hope to do your best taking your poodle across the country. As long as you can find a poodle that is priced right, and has a disposition that you are comfortable with, this is one you should purchase. One minor concern that people have when they purchase these is whether or not the apricot color will maintain throughout their lives.

Will They Always Remain Apricot?

One concern that many people have if they are going to spend the extra money on an apricot poodle is if the apricot color will maintain throughout their entire life. Most dogs change color ever so slightly, and in this particular case, it may become more red, or more of a cream color, depending upon their genetic disposition. It is thought that the apricot color stems from red poodles, but that has not been decided. The first one was actually noted back in 1898, yet it was referred to as a liver color.

How They Became Miniature Poodles

It wasn’t until 1912 that pet owners and breeders decided to breed these poodles much smaller. By 1929, there was a champion apricot, and by 1930, there were many dedicated breeders all throughout the US. English apricots also contributed to the bloodline, and have led to the premier show dogs that we have today. Although it is a toy class size, they were once much larger, but most people will agree that this color suits the toy dog class instead of one of the larger poodles in size.

How To Find AKC Apricot Puppies

There are quite a few breeders that have strong bloodlines that are selling AKC puppies today. These poodles have become extremely popular, and by going to their websites, you can find all of the ones that they have available. Once the payment is processed, they will provide you with the dog and the papers that will allow you to show this poodle. 20 years ago this was not the case, but due to the popularity of this particular color, there are many places where you can get show dog quality poodles that are apricot.

Stipulations On The Sale Of The Poodles

If you have ever bought one of these show dogs before, the same standards apply. Make sure that the people that you are buying the dog from have an operation permit, and are fully licensed and inspected. They should be compliant with all AKC standards, and they may sell this with a limited registration as well. Some of them will not sell puppies that are intended to be crossbred, and if it is not available after you place the order, they will always refund the money you have deposited.

If you have never owned a poodle before, especially one that is this small, you will be pleasantly surprised by their disposition. They are loving animals, and they will require quite a bit of attention. If you have kids, due to their size and mannerisms, everyone should get along just fine. If you have animals that already live with you, such as other dogs and cats, they should acclimate within the first few days. They are not aggressive animals by any means. They may bark quite a bit, but other than that, they are very friendly. If your intention is to purchase one for showing at local events, or even regional events, definitely find a business that is offering AKC compliant apricot poodles that have their full papers.

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