Chi-Poo – The Chihuahua Poodle Mix

Often referred to as a Chi-Poo, Poochi or Chipoodle, the delightful Chihuahua Poodle mix of chihuahua and poodle creates an intriguing small dog. The usual life span is between 12 to 15 years. A frequent entry in competitive agility and obedience competitions for toy and miniature classes, the Chi-Poo excels in classes like watchdog, agility and tricks. Bossy and independent, his demeanor is much like that of the rooster ruling the henhouse. This type of dog tends to wander, so keep him in an enclosed area and close at hand when visiting a no-leash dog park. Very little exercise is required, which accounts for his ability to thrive as an inside dog. The dog has an average tolerance to heat, but is extremely sensitive to cold.

Origin: Mixed Heritage of the Chihuahua Poodle

It’s uncertain when the mixed breed of chihuahua and poodle came about. The deliberate mix of the two breeds is in response to the demand for adorable, fashionable designer dogs. The Chi-Poo is half chihuahua and half poodle, and typically displays an attractive, desirable combination of the two. Temperament and abilities of the parents can be evaluated to estimate a pup’s personality.

Poodle heritage

The poodle is an elegant dog. Three specific sizes have been recognized for centuries: toy, miniature, and standard. Artifacts from the Roman and Egyptian empires include pictures of dogs that are likely poodles from North Africa or Asia. The poodle was later taken to France. The nobility was quite taken with the toy dog, who consequently was bred to be smaller and become the companion of the upper class. The miniature hunted truffles in the woods, while the Standard poodle was successful in duck hunting in both France and Germany. Although the poodle was brought to America in the late 1800s, it’s popularity only started to build after WWII. It has been one of the most popular breeds for the last two decades.

Today’s poodle is extremely intelligent and loyal, protecting his family and territory. He is both loving and mischievous, especially when at play.

Chihuahua heritage

Named after the Mexican state where he was discovered during the 1850s, the Chihuahua originally had short hair only. There’s a theory that small hairless dogs brought from China to Mexico by Spanish traders bred with small native dogs, producing the short-hair Chihuahua. Others say the dog descended from a small 9th century dog called Techichi found in Central and South America. At some point after that, it’s believed the short-haired dog was bred with Papillons or Pomeranians to create a long-haired variety. The short-haired variety was brought to the United States in the 1890s and gained the popularity which has held over the years.

Today’s Chihuahua is alert and confident. His sensitive nature requires constant company and a great deal of affections, allowing him to bond with more than one family member. They do not get along with young children, who tend to be loud and rambunctious.

Appearance of your designer dog

How does this heritage influence the Chihuahua Poodle mix?

The Chi-Poo is a small, sturdy dog weighing 3 to 20 pounds and standing 5 to 15 inches tall. Size depends on whether the parent is a miniature or toy poodle. His well-proportioned body includes a small head and feet. The long tail might be docked at birth. Other features include dark brown or black eyes, a black nose, and ears that stand erect or lay flat next to the head. Now and then the ears stand up, but the tip folds downward.

The small feet produce a prancing gait.

The coat varies widely. It may be short or long, featuring smooth, wavy or curly fur. Colors include black, tan, white and apricot. Color combinations are also common, such as:

Tan with white markings.
White and apricot with black markings.
Black and tan.

Chi-Poos have a tendency to get fat. A proper diet is essential, such as high quality dry dog food small enough for the dog to easily eat.


The chihuahua poodle mix is sensitive to touch. Handle him gently. It’s a good idea to show children how to pick up and hold your chi-poo to assure they don’t grab him hard. He’s a good family pet and improves as he becomes socialized. His reaction to other pets and dogs can be tempered as you train him in socialization skills. Not a yappy dog, this sweet companion barks very little. That trait makes him an ideal apartment resident. The chihuahua stubbornness makes the Chi-Poo hard to train, but he will learn some tricks and good manners. He is regarded as a very good first pet.

Grooming your Chi-Poo

Grooming needs of a Chihuahua Poodle Mix are very simple, since shedding is minimal. Brush the coat with a soft bristle brush every other day. A thick or fluffy coat may need an additional day of grooming. Give him a bath every other month or when he gets dirty while playing or starts to smell. A dog bath wipe keeps the Chi-Poo clean in between baths.

A chihuahua poodle mix dog or pup also needs his teeth brushed regularly. Once a day is ideal, although the dog may resist. A twice-weekly routine may encourage him to accept more frequent brushing. Wipe the ears clean weekly. It’s easier to take your tiny dog to the groomers to get the fur and nails trimmed.

Health Problems Common to the Chihuahua Poodle Mix

  • Heart problems
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Low blood sugar
  • Eye problems

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