Husky Poodle Mix – What to Know About the Siberpoo

The Husky Poodle mix is half Siberian Husky and half Poodle. Siberpoo is the most common name for the pup, although Poosky, Huskydoodle, and Huskapoo are additional ways of referring to the offspring. Breeding these two popular dogs results in a beautiful, friendly hybrid that typically has a furry Poodle body and sturdy Husky build.

Origin and History of the Siberpoo

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky originated from the Chukchi and was bred to pull sleds across the Siberian terrain. Specific goals for breeding were aimed at a dog that was:

  • Capable at pulling heavy sleds.
  • Non-aggressive.
  • Highly trainable and smart.
  • Powerful enough to travel moderate distances swiftly.

The breed was such a success that some of the dogs were sent to Alaska in 1908 for the same purpose! The Siberian Husky also took part in racing competitions throughout the area. They also participated in military maneuvers during WWII and pulled sleds during the Byrd Antarctica mission. The heavy double coat of the dogs provided warmth to children and adults during the nights. Even today, the dog retains his pack attitude and work ethic. He requires a human with the knowledge, wisdom and capability of filling the role of pack leader immediately. Not only does that role help during training, it restores order quickly when the Husky tries to put one over on the owner. Exercise is needed to use up the energy of this playful, yet hardworking animal. Without the ability to play and show off, he gets mischievous and sometimes destructive. Instead of barking, he howls, and is happier away from confined neighborhoods. He is not suited as an apartment dweller or watchdog.

The Popular Poodle

Poodles were once strictly working dogs and used for hunting waterfowl during the 18th century in parts of Europe. The fur was even shaved off the body to add speed to its travel through the water. The Poodle was especially popular in Europe, including Germany, France, and Spain. Whether it’s a Toy, Standard, or Miniature Poodle, the breed is recognized as one of, if not the smartest, dogs in the world. They’re easy to train and very athletic. Although they sometimes ignore commands, they are wonderful pets and companions. They don’t like being left alone, as they’re a very sociable animal. A good watchdog, he barks when something appears to be out of sorts and will attack when threatened.

How Origins Affect the Siberian Husky Mix

The dam and sire seem to contribute their best qualities to their hybrid offspring. A sweet, friendly nature with good heat and cold tolerance is an example. There’s seldom a need for the Siberian Husky mix to work, although the direct lineage from two working parents makes him bored quickly if there’s inadequate play, training, and socialization time. The Siberpoo enjoys being with his family and showing off the tricks and understanding of commands he’s learned.

Pleasing Appearance of the Siberpoo

Unlike many of the designer dogs, the Husky Poodle mix produces a large dog that is usually between 13 and 22 inches high. Weight ranges between 45 and 60 pounds. Facial appearance includes small dark eyes, a round head, and ears that hang. His sturdy, strong body sports a double coat that protects him from the cold and the water he loves to swim in. The hair may be silky, long, and wavy or curly and wiry. Common coat colors include brown, black, and white. Siberpoos sometimes have a different color of marking on their faces and/or chests.

Temperament of the Husky Poodle Mix

Without the right amount of attention, this friendly dog gets antsy and destructive. He’s best for a patient owner and does well with families, although not with young children. His nature is loving and loyal, though he’s too active and demanding for most seniors. The Husky Poodle mix isn’t suited for apartment life. He needs a large yard with a solid fence in which to play. He has a reputation for sneaking out of the yard if there’s a way to do it.

The Husky Poodle mix is friendly, although early socialization and training is needed to teach him how to act with younger children. Since kids at that age tend to be boisterous, it’s possible the activity will release the aggressive nature Siberpoos get from the Husky and create a nipping episode. He tends to get along well with pets and dogs, but has moments where he wants to be left alone instead of bothered.

Daily activity should include daily walks and a run, if it fits your lifestyle. He also enjoys trips to the dog park to play with other pets, and a selection of challenging toys at home. Let your Siberpoo swim when possible. It’s a great treat for this energetic, water-loving designer dog. Don’t let him browbeat you out of training classes. Keep them short to avoid seeing his stubborn side and make the class entertaining.

Siberpoo Grooming

The time involved in grooming the Husky Poodle mix varies depending on its coat. If it’s from the Poodle side, the Siberpoo will likely need a brushing at least every other day to keep snarls at bay. Consistent trimming or clipping is also recommended, even though a Poodle-type coat doesn’t shed much.

Double coats more in line with that of a Husky shed more and must be brushed thoroughly several times weekly. Bathe your dog when needed, but avoid overdoing the bath as it affects the natural oils that protect the dog. Take time to check and clean its ears at least once a week. Clip nails before they get too long. Reduce the risk of dental problems by brushing the teeth three or more times a week.

Husky Poodle Mix Health Problems

The Siberpoo is usually quite healthy, with an average lifespan between 10 to 13 years. Health concerns common to one or both parents may appear in offspring. Examples include:

  • Juvenile cataracts
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Epilepsy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes disease
  • Von Willebrand disease
  • Dilated cardiomyopathy

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