Maltese Poodle Mix or the Maltipoo

The Maltese Poodle Mix, or Maltipoo, is a designer dog, resulting from crossbreeding a Maltese and Poodle.

Origin of the Maltese Poodle Mix

Prior to delving into the origin of the Maltese Poodle Mix, let’s start with the parents.

History of the Poodle

Contemporary poodles are pampered pets. But, their ancestors were bred to become retrievers. A scant number are still used by hunters for “gun dogs”. Not only is the Standard Poodle among the oldest purebred dogs, it professes to be the elder of the breeds three sizes – standard, miniature and toy.

Poodles aren’t French! Although the breed’s true history was muddled in the annals of time, common consensus has it that Germany was the Poodle dog’s first habitat.

France did choose the Poodle as their national dog, which may contribute to the erroneous belief that France was their point of origin. Countries also desiring claim to Poodle-dog-fame were: Rome, Asia, Ancient Egypt and Russia.

It is also hypothesized that Poodles come from the Swedish Spitz breed, The Poodle has also been linked with the ancient Tibetan Terrier.

History of the Maltese

Polar opposite of the Poodle, Maltese dogs were born to be privileged. Because this breed has been traced back about 8,000 years, its origin is convoluted. Ancients from Rome and Greece contend the Maltese was first born on the Island of Malta.

The Maltese stems from the Melitaie dog, which is a seriously old breed. (Melitaie was the archaic name for Malta.)

Judging by artifacts, recovered from Fayum, Egypt, ancient Egyptians worshipped the Maltese dog. Alleged to have healing powers, people put the Maltese on their chest or stomach to provide for their eventual comfort. It was dubbed “the comforter”.

History of the Maltese Poodle Mix

Born and bred in the USA, the Maltese Poodle mix aka Maltipoo, was specifically intended to become a companion dog. Sweet like Sunday morning, the Maltipoo never meets a stranger.

This hybrid was also intended to be hypoallergenic, with minimal shedding. Again, crossbreeding a Poodle and Maltese resulted in an offspring that reached its highest potential.

The Malipoo is a textbook dog for apartment and condo dwellers with tiny yards or newbie pet parents who want an indoor dog.

Appearance of Maltese Poodle Mix


The Maltese dog is always pure white, while Poodles come in several colors. Maltipoo coat colors vary – from pristine white, apricot and gray to silver or tan – depending upon the Poodle’s color.


Like its color, the texture of a Maltipoo’s coat fluctuates from soft and straight, like the Maltese, to tight fluffy curls, like the Poodle, or a wiry, wavy mixture of both parents. Although nominal shedders, their coat is prone to matting. They need regular grooming.


The Maltese Poodle mix weighs between 5-15 pounds. Height ranges from 8-14 inches.

Total Body Appearance

Like human babies, the overall appearance of hybrids hinge on whether they bear more resemblance to the father or the mother. Yet, in this case, Poodles and Maltese dogs are similar in appearance, so that their hybrid puppies are easily identifiable.

On average, Maltipoos have round, broad faces, with floppy ears, dark soulful eyes and cute little noses. Be aware there is no standard hybrid pattern.

Maltipoo Temperament

You can expect a frisky, spunky dog.

Designer dogs inherit a blended temperament from both parents. Of course, the ideal outcome is a Maltipoo without the negative traits of either parent. However, it is possible for them to take on all the negative traits of both parents.

The Poodle parent comes in a resounding second among overall smartest dogs; the Maltese ranks rather low. As for your Malipoo, it’s best to adopt a wait and see attitude.

These are auspicious companion dogs, with one caveat. Malipoo’s get so attached to their humans, that when left alone they frequently demonstrate severe separation anxiety. They have been known to get exceptionally depressed and destructive, by chewing on everything, including their own skin.

This is not a dog you should attempt to crate train!

Maltipoo Grooming

Daily Hygiene

Brush your Maltipoo’s coat with a dog brush every day. It tends to matt and tangle otherwise. Daily brushing also gets rid of accumulated dirt in his hair.

This hybrid is subject to dental problems. Be proactive and brush his teeth daily or at minimum, bi-weekly

Check his ears to ensure they are clean and dry.


Clip Maltipoo’s nails bi-monthly or sooner if you hear them clicking on the hardwood floors. Cautiously cut stray hairs away from his eyes.


The Maltese Poodle Mix needs a thorough bath at least once a month. Using a quality dog shampoo, pay careful attention to doggie’s ears. Clean them gently with a soapy cloth and rinse with warm water. Clean his eyes carefully.

Maltipoo Health

White Shaker Dog Syndrome

Idiopathic Cerebellitis aka White Shaker Dog Syndrome is a total body disease, which has no known cause. The Maltese Poodle Mix is dealt a double-whammy, as both Maltese and Poodle dogs are subject to the syndrome. Unfortunately, there is no sure-cure and symptom management is tedious and expensive.

A Maltipoo suffering from White Shaker Dog Syndrome will tremble non-stop, particularly when he tries to move around. Dogs who have Idiopathic Cerebellitis must take corticosteroids to decrease inflammation. Meds are gradually titrated down until the dog doesn’t need to take it.

Collapsing Trachea

Tracheal collapse is typically genetic. Both parent dogs are subject to this condition, where the trachea or windpipe “flattens” when air is expelled from the lungs, causing the dog to cough. This syndrome is non-curable, although your Veterinarian can treat it.

If you suspect your Maltipoo is suffering from collapsing trachea, check for symptoms such as: frequent gagging, gums with bluish tint, labored breathing, dry cough.

In addition, Maltese Poodle Mix health problems may include: low blood sugar, dental challenges, displaced kneecaps (luxating patellas), genetic eye disease and/or liver defects.

Final Thoughts:

Poodles were originally bred to become retrievers for hunters. The Maltese doesn’t fancy anything that smacks of work. Due to their sensitivity, intelligence and loving nature, the Maltese Poodle Mix excels as therapy dogs.

No doubt, Maltipoos do their parents proud!

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