Poodle Mixes – Why They Make Great Dogs

When it comes to picking out the best possible dog, most people don’t actually considered the mixed breeds, but they are usually the best dogs. This can be because they have had temperament problems bred out of them, or because they are not going be subjected to various different physical problems as well. However, just like pure bred dogs, there are some breeds of mixed bred dogs that are better than others, either because of the way that they look or their ability to bond with humans. One of the best dog breeds for producing mixes is also one of the most well loved standard dogs. Poodles and Poodle mixes have long stolen the hearts of people who have the pleasure of being around them on a regular basis.

The first thing that makes Poodle mixes better than standard poodles is their lack of medical issues. Even when breeders are extremely careful with standard poodles, they often find that hip dysplasia presents itself within just a few generations, causing problems for the entire line. This makes them a very hard animal to breed and guarantee and also makes it hard for people who want a health animal to find one for a reasonable price. Many people have given up on owning standard poodles because the painful hip issues that can pop up later in life are too hard to handle.

When a poodle is mixed with pretty much any other dog, these problems go way down, and there is less of a chance that the problem will pop up in later generations. This can be a great boon to people who are looking for a dog that will grow up with their children and stay a part of the family for ten plus years. It also makes them a much more affordable dog to care for, something that most people will be happy to take into consideration. After all, fewer vet bills means more trips to the dog park and more treats.

The next reason is that while the poodle is quite sweet, they are not the most intelligent breed of dog. They often get themselves into trouble and sometimes have problems figuring things out for themselves. When they are cross bred, they generally end up being much smarter, and many people find that they make better hunting dogs or life companions once they have been cross bred. This can take some of the frustration out of owning a poodle and make sure that you have the smartest dog possible.

One trait that is usually passed on from poodles and that is well loved and sought after is their affection and loyalty. For all of their other faults, poodles love nothing more than going everywhere that they can with their owner and spending their time at home cuddled up with them as well. This is not something that is lost in any of the cross breeds, preserving this key part of the poodle personality. The loyalty aspect of their breed is also preserved, with most Poodle mixes choosing one person that they truly care about and devoting all of their energy to following that person around and loving them.

The Poodle mixes also tend to have a much longer life span, some living up to seven years longer than their pure bred counterparts. Knowing that your dog can live to be extremely old without any major health issues is something that makes it easy to bond with the dog and to invest more time in them emotionally. For people who have had a lot of loss in their life or who are tried of losing dogs, this makes the mixes much more appealing.

The coat of poodles is usually passed on to any of the Poodle mixes that are produced. This means that their thick and usually water-proof hair is still present, making them great dogs for anything that involves the great outdoors. From a looks standpoint, the cute little curls are also extremely adorable, making the mixes look sweet and charming. Most people also love that they don’t really have to worry about brushing their dog and that regular trims make it easy to take care of their coat without a ton of other steps.

For the most part, Poodle mixes have all of the traits that people look for in a pure bred poodle, but are lacking many of the faults. They are a sweet and loyal dog that will always be by your side, hoping to get your attention and showering you with more love than you thought you could handle. They are also extremely active dogs that require very little in the way of grooming, making it easy to take them hiking, swimming, and a number of outdoor activities that both they and their owners will enjoy.

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